"Always be a rare version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else."

- Judy Garland

Our Story


Ekum is an exclusive western wear brand brought to life by two fiercely proud women and childhood friends; Jaideep Oberoi, a creative force and Vandana Maithani, a marketing dynamo.


Ekum in Sanskrit means singular, one-of-a-kind… and that is precisely the credo that drives this brand. With the unshakeable belief that your clothes don’t define you, rather you define your clothes Ekum brings forth designs that put the ‘wearer’ at the forefront while designing every unique piece.


Defying the transient trends, we offer a range of timeless styles that empower women to express their individual identity, at any stage of life, any time of the day...or night.


We're a label that proudly wears its Indian identity on its sleeve (even though we create western wear) driven by the motto of ‘Made in India for the World’. Each pleat and tuck reflects the care with which each design has been crafted to merge contemporary global appeal with the best of India. We want any woman in the world to be able to pick up an Ekum piece and call it her own. 


We are on a mission of making Indian fabrics and craftsmanship contemporary and relevant to today’s times and in not just India but the world, without being rigid about traditional forms.